Paragliding is my favorite hobby. I love to be up in the air whenever possible. In the beginning of 2010, I took part in a paragliding course and finished it in September 2011 with the Austrian SonderPilotenschein (SoPi). Now I am free to fly wherever I want, as long as it doesn’t violate any restricted air zones.

Paragliding in Jena-SchöngleinaMost people don’t know that the heat of the sun produces thermal winds in which a pilot can fly for multiple hours on a good day. This is what makes birds fly such huge distances, despite being rather small creatures with only little energy stored in their bodies. As a paraglider you are constantly looking for good thermals on your way. If you find a good one, the smile in your face will become bigger with the height gain. Going up to 2000m above ground level only by using upward winds is something I will never forget.

Paragliding on a winter day over the BrauneckOn the left you see a photo taken above the Brauneck near Lenggries on a cold winter day. Good flying conditions like this are rare and don’t just mean having ‘warm weather’.

If you are interested in more, take a look at my YouTube videos. I record some of my flights with a GoPro camera and share them online. This is no fancy marketing, just raw video as it comes out of the camera:


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