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Ulrich Scheller
Ulrich Scheller

Hi, my name is Ulrich Scheller – I am an experienced software developer specialized in Android. My professional career started in 2008 as an Android developer. I implemented some of the most successful apps for the German market, helped to build multiple development teams, and to bring them up to speed.

If you are looking for a development lead, an experienced developer, or someone to successfully finish a project for you, please contact me at I live in Raubling (Kreis Rosenheim) and you can hire me as a contractor. Please check my availability at the bottom of this page.

How can I help you?

There are many ways I have supported teams and projects in the past. However, every project is different and every development team has its own strengths and weaknesses. You probably want a solution that fits your environment. That is why I will adapt to your situation and not the other way around. My services include, but are not limited to:

  • Implement a tool stack that improves the quality of your apps and lets you develop faster at the same time. Depending on your needs, this includes Continuous Integration, Automated Testing, Monitoring, Crash Reporting, Analytics, Automatic Deployment to Play Store, Alpha- and Beta-Test Groups, A/B Testing, etc…
  • Performance optimization of your application. Reveal and fix the hidden bottlenecks to make your app a pleasure to use.
  • Implement and operate services on AWS with serverless technologies.
  • Developer training for specific topics. Review your application, search for technical improvements, and create a training based on this insight.

Work History

As a contractor, I have the privilege of being part of many interesting projects. Currently, I am working on the RTL+ App. Before, I have been a contractor at 1&1, in the team that I helped set up 10 years ago. We improve the Mail applications of GMX, WEB.DE, and

Before that, I supported developing the well-known Luca App. Love it or hate it, this was one of the main IT projects for handling the Corona Pandemic in Germany. It received a lot of attention in the media and the Android App was used by over 12 Million users.

From July 2017 until October 2020, I have been developing the Android Zooplus App. In order to access internal APIs I designed and implemented an AWS API Gateway based on Serverless Framework. Previously, I have been working on the in-car DriveNow system for iteratec, the oneMobile framework for Allianz (AMOS) and a ride-sharing startup.

This is where you want your app ratings to go

My last salaried position was Head of Mobile Development Android at 1&1 Internet AG (WEB.DE, GMX, & a few apps of 1&1). I was responsible for the Android development team, implementing software that was actively used on more than 8 million mobile devices. As interims manager, I was also leading the iOS team for one year. More detailed information can be found in my CV.

Even though it was a pure management role, I still like to get my hands dirty with coding on a regular base. This is one reason for moving into self-employment. I always enjoy working on my own software projects. And I like to play around with new technologies. In the near past, this included a RaspberryPi project, building a mobile web application served by CherryPy and optimizing WordPress pages for search engines (SEO). So while my focus is on mobile app development, I have a broad range of skills and quickly learn new technologies whenever necessary.

Here you can find some of my profiles and accounts on the web:

Location and availability

My Family and I happily live in Raubling. Therefore, my full-time services are available in and around the Rosenheim Area. However, a short training or remote projects can be located anywhere in the world.

Currently, I am working on a full-time project until January 2024.

Just drop me a line and let’s talk about what you need. I am happy to help, whether it is one of my listed services, android development, project leadership or anything else.

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