Android Developer

Ulrich Scheller, expert in mobile app developmentHi, my name is Ulrich Scheller – I am a technical manager and software developer specialized in Android app development. My Android experience starts with the SDK 1.0 in 2008 and I have been working in this field ever since. During the last years I helped building multiple development teams and bringing them up to speed.

If you are looking for a development lead, an experienced Android developer, or someone to successfully finish a project for you, please contact me at I live in Munich and I am available for contract work.

My last salaried position was Head of Mobile Development Android at 1&1 Internet AG (WEB.DE, GMX, I was responsible for the Android development team, producing software that was actively used on more than 8 million mobile devices. As interims manager, I was also leading the iOS team for one year. More detailed information can be found in my English or German CV.

Even though I was in a pure management role, I still like to get my hands dirty with coding on a regular base. This was also one reason for becoming a freelancer. I always enjoy working on my own software projects. I also participate in competitions like Google Code Jam and Robot Game. And I always like to play around with new technologies. In the near past this included a RaspberryPi project, building a mobile web application served by CherryPy and optimizing my WordPress page for search engines (SEO). So while my focus is on mobile app development, I have a broad range of skills and can quickly learn new technologies whenever necessary.

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If you read this far, just drop me a line and let’s talk about your project. I am happy to help, whether it is mobile app development, project leadership or something else.