See the Thermal Map while flying

Many pilots asked me if it is possible to use the Thermal Map while flying. And indeed, this was the initial idea of the whole project. But it is hard to debug when you need

Thermal Map coverage and updates

The Thermal Map has gained traction in the paragliding community. The well-known German blog Lu-Glidz has written an article explaining how to use it. Usage of the website has peaked after the article was published

Calculate wind from thermals

This post is a followup to the last one about Paragliding data gems. We have collected lots of flights and their GPS location data. From this, several million thermals were extracted and shown on a

Paragliding data gems

Paragliding is my beloved hobby and besides offering stunning views and perfect days outside, it also provides a huge amount of flight data to process and play around with. Sites like, XContest contain millions

A Pypy Runtime for AWS Lambda

Python is a great language for the on-demand style of Lambda, where startup time matters. In terms of execution speed, there are better choices available. Where computational performance matters one improvement is to use Pypy, the Python interpreter

Serverless on AWS Lambda

Serverless computing is a cloud-computing execution model in which the cloud provider dynamically manages the allocation of machine resources. At my current project, I had the freedom to create a new service a service from

Native- and Mobile Web Apps

As a native apps developer since 2008, I have seen time and time again the wish to develop everything with one toolset. Most often, the toolset of choice is the web, or HTML, CSS and

This website switched to HTTPS

My webhoster 1blu has finally added the possibility to get a free LetsEncrypt SSL certificate for this website. So is now available via HTTPS. Let’s Encrypt With LetsEncrypt getting an SSL certificate is free. There

Virtual Reality Experience with Google Daydream VR

Virtual Reality is a hot topic these days. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to test an Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers. PlayStation VR and HTC Vive have also been released lately. Android Developers like

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